Grado SR80e - On Ear Open Back Headphones

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 Audiophile sound quality

Following on from a line of award-winning SR80s, the latest 'e' version is still every bit the music connoisseurs' choice. Still handmade in Brooklyn USA, the SR80e headphones look, feel and sound quite different from the opposition. With the 'e' model, both driver and housing have been redesigned to lower distortion. Polymer damping helps ensure distortion is quelled and detail is brought to the fore.

Exceptional transparency
Using a new 4-conductor cable, Grado has also sought to improve headphones' resolution, giving them the kind of transparency you'd expect from a pair of headphones costing twice as much. In short, if it's life-like realism with full-bodied vocals and impressive dynamics you're after, little, if anything at this price can better the SR80e.

Robust and comfortable
Using densely padded earpieces and a broad headband, the SR80es are more comfortable than they might at first appear. With swivel earpieces, they also fit snugly against your ears, as well as folding flat for ease of storage. Their construction is tough enough to take a daily commute while still offering long-term comfort.

Unique style
The unique retro style is quite unlike rivals' headphones. In the tradition of many of the best products, however, form follows function, so there's nothing superfluous in the Grado's design.

For headphones that put sound quality above all else, the Grado SR80es continue to lead the pack.

Brand - Grado
Colour - Black
Cable Length - 2
Plug size - 3.5 mm (6.35mm adapter)
Open Back - Yes
Bluetooth - No
Sensitivity (dB) - 100
Impedance (ohms) - 32
Freq Response (Hz) - 20 - 20,000
On Ear - Yes

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