Final E5000 In Ear Isolating Earphones with Detachable Cable

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Residing at the top of the E-series, Final E5000 dynamic earphones deliver pure and clear sound with a broad sound image and deep low frequencies while keeping the sound close to the recording. With the inclusion of a detachable high-purity OFC silver coated cable that provides a wide soundstage, and in-house developed MMCX connectors, the Final E5000 are a true contender in the dynamic earphone world.

In the development of the drivers of the E5000 Final have achieved superb musical talent. Clear, lengthy mid-to-high frequencies and wide lower frequencies bring the musical atmosphere closer to the listener. Compared to E3000, there is more clarity and the soundstage is even wider.

With the uniquely designed swing fit mechanism, the earpieces of the E5000 can be swung left and right and tilted towards the audio canal for a perfect fit. This enables the sound to be transmitted directly to the eardrum for clear sound delivery.

Immersive listening.


Final E5000


Enveloping Sound
Final have achieved balanced reproduction of low through to medium and high frequencies and high resonance with no particular sound ranges emphasised. You can enjoy clear, sharp sound from low through to medium and high frequencies. Compared to E2000 a purer, subtler sound is achieved.

Precision Dynamic Driver
Highest levels of precision have been implemented in the construction of the small-scale dynamic driver unit. Every part has been carefully assembled with levels of attention and care unusual for dynamic drivers at this price point.

Machined Stainless Steel Housing
Machined from stainless steel and with a mirror finish, the housing firmly supports the driver unit and suppresses unnecessary vibrations. Fitting of a device for the mature listener, this is a design that has a simple shape and a high-quality texture matched with classic sound quality.

Unique Swivel Design
Final E5000 have been designed with a unique swing fit mechanism that enables the earpieces to be positioned and tilted to the ideal orientation towards the ear-canal. With this design the sound is propelled directly to the auditory canal opening up a world of clear and satisfying sound.

Detachable Cable
In-house developed MMCX connectors and high-purity OFC silver coated cables provide a wide soundstage. The user will experience surprising flexibility that both makes the cable extremely easy to use as well as reducing the likelihood of microphonics.


Final E5000


  • Housing: Stainless steel mirror-finished
  • Driver: 6.4mm dynamic driver
  • Connector: MMCX
  • Cable: OFC silver coated cable
  • Sensitivity: 93dB
  • Impedance: 14Ω
  • Weight: 24g
  • Cord length: 1.2m
  • Product code: FI-E5DSSD


  • Delivers clear, lengthy mid-to-high frequencies and wide lower frequencies
  • Acoustic chamber balances volume of low frequencies and clarity
  • Detachable high-purity OFC silver coated cable with MMCX connector
  • Unique swing-fitting earpiece mechanism to direct the sound to eardrum
  • Small-aperture 6.4mm diameter dynamic driver with high level of precision
  • Not emphasised ranges for clear and natural sound reproduction
  • Highly rigid machined stainless steel housing with mirror finish
  • Original silicone eartips in five sizes
  • Ear hooks and original cable alleviate touch noises


Final E5000


  • Final E5000 In Ear Isolating Earphones with Detachable Cable
  • Silicon carry case
  • Eartips (E type 5 sizes)
  • Ear hook
  • Karabiner

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