Final E2000 In Ear Isolating Earphones - Black Aluminium


Part of Final's emergence into the dynamic earphone domain, the new E2000 earphones have been developed to provide high-resolution sound in an uncomplicated design at an affordable price point. With natural sound that does not emphasise any frequency range specifically, the E2000 provides an overall smooth frequency response for a natural listening experience.

Ensuring the balance of frequencies, the small-aperture dynamic driver in the E2000 have not been tuned to accent any frequency range which would mask other frequencies. With this Final have managed to achieve a flat and natural sound in a dynamic driver that has been crafted with utmost care and precision.

To make sure the E2000 retains high-resolution sound the earpieces have been crafted from aluminium with a black alumite coating. This stable material combination minimised unwanted vibrations of the dynamic driver that would distort the sound, presenting an earphone that is perfectly suited to electronic dance music and contemporary pop and rock music.

Genuine sound experience.


Final E2000


Precision Dynamic Driver
Highest levels of precision have been implemented in the construction of the small-scale dynamic driver unit. Every part has been carefully assembled with levels of attention and care unusual for dynamic drivers at this price point.

Machined Aluminium Structure
With the highly-rigid housing crafted from aluminium with alumite finish, the drivers of the E2000 are kept highly stable, minimising vibrations that might colour the sound. This design displays a simple form and interesting texture that matches the sound image of the E2000 dynamic earphones.

Unique Swing Fit Earpieces
To achieve the shortest path of sound waves to the eardrum, the E2000 have been designed with a unique swing fit mechanism that enables the earpieces to be positioned and tilted to the ideal orientation towards the ear canal. With this design the sound is propelled directly to the auditory canal opening up a world of clear and satisfying sound.

Innovative Vent Design
To enable accurate airflow of the E2000, a small opening at the back of the housing extends the reproduction of low frequencies. A filter inside prevents sound leakage from the vent and a strong stainless steel grid protects the interior.

Sound Characteristics
With smooth and natural frequency response the E2000 is able to produce vivid sound with clear vocals and tight and distinct low-frequencies. The result is a sharp, high-resolution sound with a sense of realism making them ideal for listening to pop music, rock music, and electronic dance music.


Final E2000


  • Housing: Aluminium with black alumite finish
  • Driver: 6.4mm dynamic driver
  • Sensitivity: 102dB/mW
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Weight: 12g
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Product code: FI-E2DAL


  • Tight low frequencies, sharp middle and high frequencies with uplifting vocals
  • Highly rigid machined aluminium housing with black alumite finish
  • Unique swing-fitting earpiece mechanism to direct the sound to eardrum
  • Small-aperture 6.4mm diameter dynamic driver with high level of precision
  • Not emphasised ranges for clear and natural sound reproduction
  • Stainless steel mesh housing back
  • Original ear pieces in five sizes
  • Ear hooks and original cable alleviate touch noises


Final E2000


  • Final E2000 In Ear Isolating Earphones - Black Aluminium
  • 5 pairs silicon eartips
  • Ear hooks
  • Pouch


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