We got them... Campfire Andromeda S (Very) Limited Edition

We got them... Campfire Andromeda S (Very) Limited Edition

For those that know a thing or two about earphone technology and quality, the name Campfire won't be that new to you. For those that haven't heard of them before, they are pretty much as good as you can get if you aren't looking to sell your house and everything in it.

If we sound excited...it's because we are! The Campfire Andromeda model has been on and off of our shelves for a little while now and although we're currently out of stock, we have finally managed to get our hands on the Campfire Andromeda S Limited Edition.

We aren't going to do a full review on these as we only have very limited stock, but we had to just break the news to those of you who may have been waiting for a while (other than the lucky pre-order customers) that they are ready to go.

There was only 2000 of these made and they are on offer at the same price as the standard Andromeda.

Click here to check out the details and specifications.

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