Top 3 earphones for your summer holiday 2019

Top 3 earphones for your summer holiday 2019

Whether it's a week of annual leave abroad or a weekend in Brighton, there's nothing better than zoning out on the beach with your favourite playlist on the go. We've put together our top three earphones to make this happen for you in 2019.

#1 - Soundmagic E11C - £49.95 

Our No.1 pick for summer 2019 is the latest model from the king of affordable high quality earphones, Soundmagic. Two elements in the design of the E11C make for the best comfort levels and sound experience: the right structural build and in-ear isolating design. Designed with ergonomically shaped housing together with the right silicone eartip, the E11C ensures comfortable, immersive and private listening in highest fidelity.

#2 - Campfire Comet - £209.99 

Looking for something that stands out, both in sound and design. Campfire could be the brand for you this summer. Looking at the price tag, Campfire are clearly not a budget brand. In fact the Campfire Comet is actually the most affordable of the Campfire brands with prices reaching over £1,500+. One thing is for sure though, they are worth every penny. If you appreciate every detail in your summer playlist, these could be for you.

#3 - Soundmagic E10 - £29.99 

You want award winning quality sound, but the odds are always stacked against you making it home with your earphones. Whether you have some creative kids who find burying your earphones in the sand great fun or the poolside bar service has a habit of coinciding with a spurt of forgetfulness, our no. 3 could be the solution. SoundMagic E10 have previously won the What-Hifi best in-ear earphones award and since the release of the E11 range are now at a bargain price for an excellent sound and build quality.

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