Soundmagic True Wireless - Rumoured Release

Soundmagic True Wireless - Rumoured Release

Soundmagic is one of our favourite brands we stock and have been renowned as the king of budget earphones since the release of the E10 almost ten years ago. They have have been hugely successful with the more recent release of the E11 range, popular both with customers and industry reviewers alike, but there is one thing that has been missing from their repertoire which has had everyone asking... is it a question of IF or WHEN?

Yes all you Soundmagic lovers will know that we have yet to seen a true wireless model! It's not for everyone but has become more and more popular since the technology became available and Apple made it mainstream with their AirBuds. Now, we know there is a lot of cheap alternatives for true wireless out on the market, alongside some very expensive options as well, and what many people have been waiting for, is Soundmagic to come and bridge that gap.

Well, the time may have come. Soundmagic are rumoured to be very close to releasing their own true wireless model and from what we've heard it will not disappoint. There is no confirmed release date as of yet and no images have leaked so we don't think Soundmagic will be doing a long pre-release campaign (not that they will need it) but what we do know is it will be before Christmas!

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