Review - SoundMAGIC have done it again with the E11BT wireless model

Review - SoundMAGIC have done it again with the E11BT wireless model

SoundMAGIC are going from strength to strength since the recent release of their E11, E11C and E11D models, which follow on from the hugely successful E10. They have clearly decided not to stop there and have just launched the E11BT, their bluetooth, wireless, in-ear version to add to the E11 range.

Audio22 were one of the first retailers in the UK to get our hands on these after an exciting build up from the previous E11 releases. The first question on our lips was, is the sound as good as the wired version?

The answer was a resounding 'yes!'. The E11BT comes equipped with Bluetooth v5.0 technology, which ensures a high-level wireless connection to the device and custom tuned 10mm dynamic drivers that deliver balanced sound with the highest fidelity, solid connection and long playtime.

Currently they are available in black, with the housing material being crafted aluminium. This gives the E11BT an elegant and improved look from the E10... which was far from unattractive. The neckband is home to the battery power for this model, and despite being barely noticeable it manages to provide the earbuds with an impressive 48 - 60 hours playback time, as well as being comfortable enough for those long listening sessions. Being wireless the E11BT also features a three button remote for wireless control and is of course compatible with both Android and iOS.

To see the full details on the E11BT click here and as always feel free to get in touch with us here at Audio22.



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