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Soundmagic E11 Range – Which model is best for you? (E11, E11C, E11D or E11BT)

Since the launch of the Soundmagic E11 range late last year, it seems like the audio magicians at SoundMAGIC have not taken a break! Cut to 2019 and we now have more choice on our E11 plate than we could have asked for.

If you are completely new to Soundmagic earphones, the Soundmagic E11 range is the latest in their line of award-winning earphones. The E10, launched back in 2011, has been widely known as the best set of earphones you can buy under £50, with the sound and build quality of a vastly more expensive products out on the market. In 2018 Soundmagic felt it was time to build on the success of the E10 with the E11 range, and since its release we’ve seen nothing but incredible reviews from the likes of Forbes, WhatHIFI and Techradar.

Now we’ve established that the E11 generates great sound and lasts a lifetime, we just need to decide which of the range is right for you. At the time of writing we currently have four models: E11, E11C, E11BT and E11D as options, but despite the great look and feel of these products, admittedly, the names don’t give much away. It all comes down to how you use your earphones to listen, talk, and connect. Here’s a breakdown of the rangeto help you decide.

 Soundmagic E11

Soundmagic E11

The most straightforward of the E11 range the Soundmagic E11 is for earphone users who are purely looking for sound. This model has the same excellent sound quality without the frills of the other models.

Who they’re for – You want to listen to music, watch movies or have great sound quality from any device which you can connect to via the standard 3.5mm jack.

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Soundmagic E11C

Soundmagic E11C

Let’s make this simple… the E11C model has the same great sound and build of the E11 model (as well as the 3.5mm jack connector) but comes equipped with a stylish 3-button control unit that works with all devices and even switches automatically between Apple and Android smartphones for management of volume, track control and telephone calls. Within the control button is also a high-quality mic for making and receiving calls.

Who they’re for – When it comes to wired earphones, you want it all…and why not? You need high quality sound combined with the versatility of a control and microphone option.

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 Soundmagic E11D

Soundmagic E11D 

This is where things start to change a bit. If you’ve bought a new phone in the last year or so you may have been one of many that have been confused as to where your favourite set of earphones connect…oh… they can’t. Frustrating we know, but luckily Soundmagic has released the E11D model equipped with a USB-C connector which a lot of the newer smart phones now use. Yes, this get’s you connected, but it does also bring some more benefits. The USB-C connector enables more accuracy, detail and volume. This model also comes with a built in DAC which transforms the digital audio signal from the source into analogue signals to drive the speakers.

Who they’re for – You’ve got your heart set on the E11 range, but own a new smartphone or device that requires or has the option of a USB-C Connector and don’t want to use an adaptor.

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Soundmagic E11BT

Yes you guessed, the BT stands for bluetooth so unsurprisingly the E11BT connects to your device via the latest Bluetooth v5.0, AAC compatibility and an internal 24-bit DAC. There’s a lot of Bluetooth earphones out there on the market, but this is the Soundmagic E11 range so again, Soundmagic have transferred the high sound quality, style and build over to the E11BT. This model comes with a light, comfortable neckband which power the earphones. One of the standout features on the E11BT is the battery life, with a continuous playback time of 48-60 hours! This is pretty much unheard of from Bluetooth earphones so you can be forgiven for forgetting they need to be charged at all! Finally, the E11BT boasts an IPX4 water and sweat resistance rating meaning it’s perfect for working out or playing sport.

Who they’re for – You’re fed up of untangling earphone cables and want the freedom of Bluetooth. You listen to music whilst exercising or playing sport. You generally just want a bit more freedom.

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So that’s the Soundmagic E11 range in a nutshell. For full information and specifications head to the indivual product pages and feel free to get in touch with one of our specialists if you have any questions.

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