Lypertek Tevi - IPX7... What does this mean for you?

Lypertek Tevi - IPX7... What does this mean for you?

Having wireless earphones really opens up what you can do while listening to music. Sports, fitness, outdoor activities and just about anything which benefits from having a completely wireless listening experience. Despite the issue of cables and connection being ticked off, outside environments do raise new challenges for your earphone tech, especially in the UK. Why? You guessed it, rain. With the UK having, on average, 152 rainy days a year, your earphones need to be ready for this if you want to be taking the action outside.

The new Lypertek Tevi true wireless earbuds claim to have this covered with an IPX7 water restance rating. IPX is the international standard for rating the level of water resistance of electronics. A rating of IPX7 means that the product can be immersed in water for a maximum of 30 minutes at a depth between 15cm to 1m. That's a pretty impressive claim!

With an IPX7 rating you can do pretty much any outdoor activity with your earphones and not have to worry about getting them wet (Apart from swimming). Luckily this is a pretty easy claim to test so we grabbed a pair from the Audio22 warehouse and excitedly poured a glass of water.

So ok, they're not a metre deep, but this is definitely a step up from splash testing. We tested both earbuds by completely submerging them in water, whilst turned on, for between 20 - 30 seconds and we're happy to say they both passed the test. We could even see the LED flashing whilst underwater!

Conclusion? We're happy to stand by Lyperteks IPX7 claim as we've seen it first hand. Would I do this everyday for fun? Probably not, but I don't test out my car airbag before every trip either. As a Lypertek owner I would be confident that water is not going to be an issue for my super sounding earphones!

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