How to use the equalizer in your Spotify App.

How to use the equalizer in your Spotify App.

Remember the old stereos with those equalizers built right into the system? Modern music streaming platforms have them too - kind of. By turning on your phone's built-in equalizer - or EQ, as it is commonly known - you can make Spotify really sing! Here's how to do it.


How to EQ your music on Spotify

Whilst Spotify does not technically offer its own EQ, the developers have added a quick and effective way to jump to the built-in equalizer in your smartphone's audio settings. From here, you can either tweak the settings to your preference (recommended for experts) or chose from a number of presets for various musical genres (recommended for those new to EQ tweaking).

To change the EQ settings from the Spotify app, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Open the Spotify app
  2. Tap on the gear icon in the top right to access the Settingsmenu
  3. Scroll down to the Equalizer option, just above the Storage status bar
  4. You will need to acknowledge a warning message about unexpectedly altering the volume
  5. Turn the equalizer toggle switch on

From here, you can either tweak the six-band EQ until you find a sound you like - the slider to the right will alter treble, to the left will alter bass, and those it in the middle will alter.... you guessed it... the mid-range.

You can change to preset EQ settings for the most popular musical genres by tapping on the drop-down menu on the left-hand side. It should be set to normal when you begin. Hip hop will boost the bass and lower frequencies, whilst folk and pop will bring vocal performances to the forefront. Play around with it until you find a sound you like.

Note: As you are essentially changing the entire EQ of your smartphone, your changes will affect all audio coming out of your phone. This means that your EQ settings will still be changed if you watch a video on YouTube for example.

Have you tweaked your EQ settings to get a more satisfying sound on Spotify? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

What is equalization?

Equalization (EQ) is the process of adjusting certain frequencies in music production. Producers use EQ in the studio to get the sound they are after, and certain genres of music are best listened to with tweaked EQ settings to make the most of the frequency bands that drive the sound. With a decent equalizer, you can tweak not only bass, middle or treble frequencies, but the bands in between too.

Equalizers use a series on linear filters to either boost or reduce certain frequencies. If the sound is too tinny or cutting, you can dip the treble frequencies to make music sound warmer. If you want some extra thump, you can boost the bass frequencies to really add power to the sound.

Tweaking EQ settings is an art form, in my opinion, but it doesn't have to be complicated. By using presets, such as those baked into your smartphone, you can quickly optimize your EQ for the style of music you listen to most. Trust me on this one, it makes a huge difference to how your music sounds, especially if you are listening through a decent set of headphones. A great example of could be the Lypertek Tevi true wireless earphones.

These earphones have fantastic sound capability but don't impose their own sound characteristics on listeners. So if you're a bass lover, you might not immediately think the Lypertek are for you but they actually have an awesome bass capability they just don't force you to listen to you music like this. In this example simply crank up the bass on your equaliser and prepare yourself!

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