Getting the right fit with earphones

Getting the right fit with earphones

How do they feel?

Whether you spend a little or a lot of time with your earphones snugly attached to your ears comfort is one of the key factors that make a good listening experience. At Audio22 we strive to help people get the best sound quality from their earphones for their budget, but if your ear tips are uncomfortable then your overall experience is going to suffer. This includes both how they feel to your ear canal but also on your ear drum when listening at higher volumes. Taking this into account you can see why it’s so important to get the most comfortable fit from your earphones.

Noise Isolation

One of the other benefits to a good fitting ear tip is the benefit of noise isolation. If you get a snug fit from your earphones, naturally ambient and external noises will be blocked out well allowing you to experience richer bass beats and have every sound clearly accentuated for your listening pleasure.

Types of ear tips



Most commonly found ear tips included with your earphones. Conventional silicone plastic sleeves varying in sizes of small, medium and large. Most Consumer Electronic Manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic as well as Premium headphone brands like RHA, JAYS and Shure opt to include Silicone tips.

Double Flange Silicone

If you stacked two single-flanged eartips and glued them together, you would get double flange silicone eartips. They are usually the same size of the single-flanged ones, but there are two curves instead of one. The main advantage this feature affords to these tips is the fact that they can usually better adapt to one’s ear canal. As the ear canal is not straight, the tip needs to follow its shape and two pieces can bend better than one.


An alternative to silicone eartips which has been on the rise among audiophiles is foam. Eartips made of foam often offer increased comfort and isolation when compared to silicone alternatives, though there are also disadvantages like the maintenance and higher price.

 Ear Hooks

As they convey by their name, ear hooks simply hook your earphones inside your ear with a small curved design that fits into the outer part of your ear. Many sports earphones will feature ear hook type tips as this helps keeps your earphones in place during exercise.

Size matters


Of course, everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and ears are no different. Most ear tips will come in a variety of different sizes and it’s essential you get the right ones for you. Unfortunately there’s not tips or tricks to know which is the best for your ears. You will only discover what’s best for you by trying which means that buying earphones that come equipped with a variety of sizes of whichever type of tip they use is your best bet.

Audio22 Recommends

Soundmagic E11C

E11C combine ergonomic angled sound tubes with an in-ear fit that seals the ear canal totally with soft silicone eartips to provide a secure fit with total sound isolation and immersive listening. They come equip with three different sizes (S/M/L) for you to try and pick from, meaning you can be confident that you'll get a good fit for your ears.




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