Comparison - SoundMAGIC E10 vs SoundMAGIC E10C

Comparison - SoundMAGIC E10 vs SoundMAGIC E10C

The SoundMAGIC E10 and E10C have been SoundMAGIC’s most popular selling earphones for some years now. Extremely high quality sound output at affordable pricing is the summary across the board, from customers and industry experts alike. This has been consistently backed up with five star reviews from some of the most reputable audio equipment institutions.

The question we still get asked all the time is – What’s the difference between the E10 and the E10C?

The answer is simple and based purely on functionality, so the first thing to tick off the list of possible differences, is the sound quality. Both the E10 and the E10C have identical general build and output, so you can expect the same clear, entertaining and detailed sound from either model. This goes again for the general build, with both models sporting the angled metal 3.5mm jack and twisted cable.

So what’s the difference and what does the ‘C’ stand for? The C stands for ‘compatibility’ – and unsurprisingly this is where we see advances. The E10C model features a three-button remote giving you volume controls as well as pause and skip tracks. The compatibility comes into play with the E10Cs with it’s ability to automatically switch the poles on the jack meaning it works great with iOS and Android.

Designing the E10C to be compatible with Android or iOS wouldn’t be complete without the ability to make and receive calls, which is why SoundMAGIC have managed to neatly squeeze a mic into the streamline remote.

All in all, if you are looking for SoundMAGIC’s most affordable and consitantly high performing model you have come to the right place with the E10 or E10C. The only thing left to ask is:  am I looking for earphones or am I looking for a bit more ‘Compatibility’ and ‘Control’.

When you’ve decided which model you’re going for just remember that SoundMAGIC are only sold by authorised dealers which means you won’t find them in Argos or just any high street chain.

To see the full spec of the E10 click here and for the E10C click here. If you’re looking for even more compatibility and require a USB-C connector with DAC you may want to try the SoundMAGIC E11D.

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