The Campfire Audio Comet are a completely new design of earphone from the US based Headphone and IEM maker.  Since their inception a few years ago Campfire Audio has wowed us with a never ending parade of excellent headphone models.  One thing remains consistent however... they sound awesome.


As mentioned the previous earphones from Campfire offered a quite stunning and industrial housing that was meant to be worn in a stage monitor style over the ear.  They varied only slightly whether in colour or slight size variations to accommodate either larger or multiple drivers as was required.  The build was incredible, in our opinion among the best you could get.

The comet is completely different but somehow familiar.  That incredible build quality is there for everyone to see.  They are rock solid and look absolutely stunning.  These earphone are meant to be worn with the cable down in a more traditional way.  


If you have owned any set of Campfire Audio's headphones in the past you will be happy to know that nothing has fundamentally changed in the packaging. If you are new to the brand then know it’s incredibly simply but incredibly nice.  A small cardboard box with the companies branding and starry sky scene (reminiscent of sitting under a campfire).

The headphones are in the carry case and each of the comets earphone housings are set inside their own protective pouch. Under the carry case you will see a small cardboard shelf under which all the accessories and manuals sit.  

It’s a really simple way to present a set of earphones but attractive nonetheless.


As usual Campfire Audio have nailed the included accessories.  Custom designed and campfire branded carry case (All the campfire IEM's come with these and they are our favourite design from any manufacturer to date.) They even go way over the top in providing you a tiny protective velvet drawstring bag in which to store each of the earpieces.

Eartips are plentiful and you would have a hard job not finding something that fits. You get varying sizes of comply foam tips


Going with a new design for the housing on this latest line was a bold move. Especially when you consider how successful the previous models were. Buyers need not worry however as just like every other earphone we have tested from them the Comet are rock solid.  A sturdy slim fitting lump of metal that is finished to very high tolerance.  

WE would expect to have zero issues with them over the long haul thanks to the inclusion of detachable cables and integrated solid metal grills (as opposed to paper or cotton filter points from other companies).

The only downside comes from the fact that with their chrome finish the Comet pick up fingerprints and smudges from body oils.

Still this highly polished surface, in part, gives them a very clean and crisp look. Just make sure you give them a quick wipe down every now and again and you will be fine.


There is something engaging and intimate that they put into their earphones which makes the music sound extremely enjoyable and natural.  We’re  happy to say that despite being the cheapest of their line and utilizing only a single balanced armature driver, what makes the campfire earphones great is still here.

Yes, when put next to its bigger brothers there is a loss of refinement in areas and where each one of them seems to be suited to specific tasks. (ie Lyra for smooth and lush sounds and Jupiter for analytical listening) the Comet seems to be aimed at being an all-rounder.

The sound that they manage to push out of a single BA driver is really quite special. There are many restrictions that come with such a style of headphone yet they have overcome them and provided a much fuller sound than we would have expected. 

In fact if you had told us that they had utilized a micro driver in the build we wouldn't have been surprised. There is a fullness to them that is not commonly seen with the BA and certainly a more prominent low end than  would have thought possible.

Premium sound, great build, comprehensive and top quality accessories.  At only £219, the Campfire Audio Comet seem like a no brainier.  We really enjoyed putting together this review of the Comet and using them on a daily basis was an absolute joy.  Competition is strong at this price point but the Comet hold their own and it’s great to see a premium headphone maker like Campfire stepping up to offer something to buyers in the entry level price points.