Best Earphones for Apple iPhone XS & iPhone XR under £100

Best Earphones for Apple iPhone XS & iPhone XR under £100

A collective groan echoed across the internet a couple of years ago when Apple announced that it was dropping ye olde 3.5mm headphone socket from the iPhone 7 - and, of course, from all subsequent iPhone models, including the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR released in 2018. The reason for this was simple - getting rid of the 3.5mm connector allowed Apple to reduce the weight and the thickness of the new iPhones even further - but that still left millions of iPhone users with a serious headphone headache.

All new iPhones do still include a set of Apple's little white EarPods, just as they have always done - but those EarPods now have a Lightning connector for plugging into the iPhone, rather than the old 3.5mm audio connector. But, of course, the cheap little EarPods don't provide very good sound quality, which is why so many people still prefer to buy better headphones from other manufacturers for listening to their music.

Apple would really like everyone to opt for Bluetooth wireless headphones, such as its own AirPods, but the compression techniques used by Bluetooth mean that wireless headphones still can't match the audio quality provided by conventional wired headphones (especially as Apple doesn't support the high-quality AptX version of Bluetooth on iOS devices). So what's your best options.

Bluetooth Earphones

Soundmagic E11BT



RRP - £69.99

SoundMAGIC E11BT is armed with the same custom-tuned driver as its wired relative that is able to bring a mature sound image with smooth treble detailing and satisfying low-frequency extension. As the E11BT uses Bluetooth v5.0 it is able to wirelessly transmit audio in CD-quality with extended transmission range and long battery life.

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Lightning Connector Earphones

Beats UrBeats3 With Lightning Connector


RRP -£59.95

The UrBeats3 headphones are neatly designed, with a sturdy, flat cable that helps to avoid annoying tangles when you stick them in your pocket. In fact, you can probably keep them wrapped around your neck most of the time, as the earpieces are magnetic and cling together to stay in place when not in your ears.

As you'd expect from Beats, these little in-ears deliver a really firm, punchy bass sound. The bassline from Another One Bites The Dust kicks along with a rhythm that's hard to resist, and the intro to Prime Evil by the Orb sounds sinister and threatening as it settles into a slow, sinuous groove.

3.5mm Jack Earphones (Adaptor Required)

Soundmagic E11C


RRP - £49.99

Equipped with an updated driver the SoundMAGIC E11C provide a more mature and sophisticated sound image with smoother high-frequency detailing and more textured low-frequency extension. The addition of a silver-plated copper cable make for enhanced signal transmission. This silver-plated copper cable also eliminates interference with a special pair shielding wire structure design.e.

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