Apple Airpods (2019) vs Lypertek Tevi

Apple Airpods (2019) vs Lypertek Tevi

True wireless earbuds are a relatively new technology with the first ever pair being unveiled in 2015 by manufacturer, Onkyo and then with Apple thrusting the technology into the mainstream when their first generation Airpods were announced in 2016. Whether you are an Apple fan or not we are all aware of how popular their products are, but with so many options now available, are the Airpods the smart choice?

We decided to put the Apple Airpods (2019) up against another manufacturer which has been making a lot of noise with their own truly wireless earbuds, the Lypertek Tevi.

To find out who wins we’ll be putting them head to head on the most important factors when considering true wireless earphones both from a first time and current users.

Battery Life

Battery life was one of the original stumbling blocks for true wireless earphones and consumers were forced to choose between small buds with an equally small battery life or a long battery life, but with buds the size of car batteries hanging out of their ears. Luckily those first-generation days are long gone.

Both of our products have a reasonable battery life when compared to the rest of the market. The Airpods have a 5-hour playback time in the buds themselves with a further 20 hours in the case, which is not bad for most users. The Lypertek Tevi clearly win this category with a huge 10 hours playback in the charging case and due to the USB-C typer charger if you do manage to run out of battery just a 15 minute charge gives 2 hours playback.

In fairness to Lypertek have really gone the extra mile as this battery performance is all but unheard of so we would have to say they both perform well in this category, but with almost three times the battery life of Airpods, credit where credit is due.

Design and fit

For some, earphones are purely functional, but for most anything you are going to be wearing on your head/face out in public should look reasonably good.

Let’s face it, Apple make attractive looking technology. It’s always minimalist, usually well-built and if you’re a big Apple fan they can do no wrong. The Apple Airpods are sleek looking, but only come in the gloss white which isn’t for everyone and the bud only comes in Apples supposed “one-size-fits-all”. We’ve tried a lot of earphones, wireless or otherwise and there is certainly no such thing as one size fits all, sorry. Fit is so important when it comes to true wireless as it’s technically the only thing keeping the bud from falling out of your ear. The Airpods also feature the stem which hangs from the bud, which can make it look a little bit more of a headset than a listening device although this is undoubtedly be beneficial for the microphone.

The Tevi has a much more understated subtle design and is currently only available in black. They are small enough that it doesn’t feel like much more than the standard earphone and but heavy enough to feel the quality build. They come with a range of silicone and foam ear tips meaning there should be a fir for all ear canal types which is so important with true wireless earphones where the only thing keeping them in your ears is the fit. The only downside was that it isn’t immediately obvious which way round you should wear them if you are a newbie to this type of earphones but a quick glance at the instructions solves that pretty easily.

Sound Quality

This element really should be the most important right? I mean, it doesn’t matter how good your earphones look and feel if they’re playing what sounds like distorted fart sounds into your ears. Luckily neither of earphones have a sound quality which would disappoint on that scale but there are certainly some differences.

AirPods produce a perfectly average sound that's clear in the mid-tones and is good for podcasts but doesn't pack much in the low end. And because of their open design, sound isolation is terrible. There's also no noise cancellation, so you'll be stuck hearing traffic or crowds around you.

Lypertek however, have delivered something much more special. Although, there is no ‘active noise cancelling’ the fit these provide creates great ‘passive noise cancelling’ giving you a much for focused experience. The sound quality itself is way beyond the Lypertek price bracket and could best be compared with the Sennheiser Momentum earbuds which are twice the price. The sound character is very neutral, meaning it stays true to the music being played, without over emphasising the highs or the mids. The detail and separation in the different instruments and sounds is fantastic and again really surpasses its sound range. The low-end base is, as standard not overpowering and for true base heads may seem a little low, however the Tevis have the ability to produce great base so if you select this on your device, you’re going to get it.


In short these are both good earphones. Apple does what it does well in its iconic design, but whether this comes at the expense of what truly matters in earphones is another question. Overall it really comes down to one thing. Do you love Apple just because it is Apple? If you want a superior quality product in every area except brand name, then the Lypertek are the earphones for you.

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