6 Myths About True Wireless Earphones the New Lypertek Tevi Proves Wrong

6 Myths About True Wireless Earphones the New Lypertek Tevi Proves Wrong

Whenever a new technology is released, the first generation models are never perfect and often riddled with little faults. That’s until you have a product that comes along and irons out all of the issues and take away all the reasons not to jump in an embrace some new tech. We’ve been a big fan of the Lypertek Tevi since they were finally released in the UK last month, and we’ve gone all ‘Mythbusters’ at Audio22 with a list of 6 myths about true wireless earphones which the Tevi proves to be false!


Myth – “The batteries don’t last very long.”

Truth – The Lypertek Tevi has a playback battery life of a massive 10 hours which can be stored in the earbuds themselves and a further 60 hours in the charging case, giving you a total of 70 hours playback before you have to plug them in anywhere.

To be fair on this myth this isn’t normal for TWS earbuds, but Lypertek have somehow managed to make it happen!


Myth – “You can’t an individual earbud by itself.”

Truth – With the Tevi you can use the right or left earbud completely independently. Both earbuds have the ability to connect via Bluetooth 5.0 to a phone or other device.


Myth – “True wireless earbuds just fall out of your ears.”

Truth – This may be correct for some true wireless earbuds however, Lypertek have managed to create a small and light earbud which comes with a range of ear tips to snugly fit any shaped ear. In fact, the Tevi is our top choice for exercise or workout listening.


Myth – “You can’t control the volume, track or answer calls because they don’t have any buttons.”

Truth – With the Tevi, you can control all of these directly on the earbuds, meaning you don’t have to take out your device… that would kind of defeat the point of having wireless earphones.


Myth – “I can’t use them exercising outside as they’ll get wet.”

Truth – Well, this one is true. If you exercise outside, they will get wet. What’s not correct is you can’t use them outside, because the Tevi has a waterproof rating of IPX7, which means they can actually be submerged in water without any issues. While we probably wouldn’t recommend using them for swimming, they would be suitable for any outdoor sport, any time of year.


Myth – “There is lag between the sound and video when using them to watch movies”

Truth – Wrong again, the Tevi uses aptX audio technology which, without getting into all the jargon, reduces the latency between sound and video so when you’re watching video and listening wirelessly it doesn’t look like you watching an old Kung Fu movie when people are speaking.
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